How Often Should You Book A Gutter Cleaning Service?

It is the most frequent question I get from first-time customers. While every property has unique features, here are my guidelines on determining the optimal frequency of gutter cleaning procedures you need.

Are There Large Trees Next To Your House?

I don’t mean 50 or even 30 feet away – we are talking about large and tall deciduous trees in immediate proximity to your gutters. You must remember that rotten tree leaves are the number one blocking factor for roof pipes. The larger the tree, the more leaves it sheds every fall. So if you have an oak or a walnut on your property, I strongly suggest you book a gutter cleaning visit every fall. 

Is There A Construction Site Nearby?

You may ask why that would have anything to do with your gutters. Surprisingly enough, it does – a lot. Dirt and tiny airborne particles accumulate in the roof pipes over time. The soil will accumulate even faster if you have an active construction site in your vicinity. Here is a quick test to determine if that is the case – if you have to clean your windows more often because they get dusty, you will probably have a similar problem on the roof. My suggestion – book a gutter cleaner at least twice per year.